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In January 2020, Avenir Private Advisors, an SEC registered investment advisor, was succesfully sold by its parent company to an established industry player.  Subsequently it renounced its investment advisor status and exited the business.

Important Notice. In October 2021, nearly 20 months after it was sold, Avenir Private Advisors and its prior ownership, were mentioned in an article in the Miami Herald as being under investigation by the SEC. The article was written by Jay Weaver, a journalist well known for his bias.

This story, peddled by a disgruntled former contractor and his contingency lawyers, was proven to be  absolutely false and defamatory.

Avenir ownership subsequently successfully sued the Miami Herald for defamation.  

The Miami Herald admitted that it did not have any evidence there was a formal DOJ investigation of Avenir or its principals.

Avenir detailed all the false and defamatory claims and factual inaccuracies in a press release in November 2021. That release can be downloaded below. 


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