Investment Philosophy

Global Perspective

We take a global approach to investing across asset classes. We aim to concentrate on areas where we believe mispricing is present. Our team has considerable experience in investing across all asset classes in all regions. Our approach is built on top-down, fundamental macro analysis which leads our investment process and then select either direct investments or third party managers.

High Conviction

By freeing ourselves from rigid benchmarks, we are able to invest according to their convictions in order to seek out the best returns for clients on a risk-adjusted basis.

Diversification and Risk Management

Diversification and risk management is emphasized across our investment model. No investor is immune from randomness or error. With this in mind, we believe in the merits of diversification as a tool to reduce risk.

Investment Approach

Our mission is to bring together, within one core group of professionals, the very best tradition of Swiss wealth management combined with the most sophisticated strategies and techniques available to today’s asset managers.

Our objective is to generate absolute performance while emphasizing capital preservation through conviction driven management and a diversified investment allocation approach.

Our independence enables us to choose in complete freedom our partners and products, without conflict of interest or undue pressure.

Our fully open architecture approach enables us to select the best investment strategies and opportunities among all asset classes and investing styles and to diversify our clients’ portfolios among a very broad range of asset classes and geographical areas.

Investment Process

Client’s Investment Profile

An investment process always starts with identifying our Client-Partner’s objectives, time horizons, risk acceptance, investment culture and preferences.

This process leads to define an investment profile, which is reviewed and discussed with the Client-Partner on a regular basis.

We select with our Client-Partner their level of desired involvement, based on their own financial culture, personal preferences, and the level of involvement they wish to have in investment decisions, ranging from Discretionary Portfolio Management, Advisory Services or even more specific or highly sophisticated Tailor-Made Portfolios. 

Portfolio Dynamic and monitoring

For each portfolio proposal built for a client, a stress testing analysis is undertaken to identify the behavior of the portfolio in several market conditions, including extreme scenarios. This approach gives our team the possibility to develop adequate hedging strategies to minimize drawdowns.

For their portfolio allocation and tactical investment decisions, our clients benefit from the experience, the discipline and the sophistication of our Asset Management Professionals, who implement on a day to day basis the investment strategy, exploit market opportunities, and make sure exposure to asset classes, geographies, product selection and level of risk match client’s profile.