We are advisors to our Client-Partners across their entire portfolios as well as their operating businesses.

Oversight Services

Avenir oversees and consolidates our Client-Partner’s complete portfolio, including supervision and review of third party managers.

Lending Solutions

Leverage is a key component of many portfolios and businesses and we frequently assist in securing lending solutions both for businesses and portfolios, including real estate and other physical assets such as yachts or art.

Insurance Solutions

Our Client-Partners' investment portfolios do not contain all of their investments. They may have a home, a business, a fine art or a myriad of other valuables. At Avenir we take a holistic approach to managing and protecting their assets. Insurance can protect them from the unexpected and can play a crucial role in their comprehensive financial plan.  Through strategic partners we provide them with a wide array of insurance solutions to protect your family, investments and other property.


Trusts and Asset Protection

Protecting assets from bad actors and ensuring generational planning  is paramount. There have been more changes in trust law in the last 20 years than have taken place in the prior two centuries and we actively assist our Client-Partners in protecting their assets by working this the top service providers worldwide.